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Due to Open Winter 2021

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Our Vision

Our vision is to build a premium-quality and sustainable hot pools and spa facility in the heart of mid-Canterbury that will attract visitors from all corners of NZ and the rest of the world.  The facility is located on the outskirts of Methven and will cater separately to the needs of families, adults and private spa guests offering a host of innovative customer experiences. Ōpuke Thermal Pools and Spa (Ōpuke), will create a unique point of difference in the NZ hot pools and wellness market which guests will want to return to time and again.


Our brand identity is inspired by the spectacular mountain backdrop of our two hectare site and draws from the “clean green” principles of sustainable operations. Our brand promise: “Sourced from the mountains, powered by the sun” embodies the most compelling attributes of our region and the wider NZ tourism proposition.


Sourced from the mountains

Ōpuke will source water from the Rangitata river that is fed by the glacial melt water emerging from the spectacular Southern Alps. An industry-leading water-treatment system will ensure exceptional purity of our bathing water.


Powered by the sun

A large array of solar thermal collectors, occupying approximately a quarter of the site, will serve as the primary pool water heating system – even on the shortest day in winter, 100% of the pool heating load will be met by the solar array (when the sun is out!) Pool water will be transferred to insulated holding tanks outside of operating hours to minimise heat losses. Excess solar energy will be stored in buffer tanks and used in combination with energy efficient heat pumps (powered by South Island Hydro schemes) to make up shortfalls in solar energy during cloudy periods and at night without compromising the integrity of our brand.


Ōpuke Thermal Pools & Spa will offer five key guest experiences:

- Family hot pools -

  - Kids aqua play zone with “crazy river” & “leap of faith” plunge pool -

- Adult-exclusive hot pools, cold plunge pools & sauna with pool-side canape & beverage service -

- Private pools offering premium views across the foothills of the Southern Alps -

- A fully-equipped spa facility offering a range of therapies including a 4-person Rasul, a Softpak relaxation experience and our unique social spa experience “Spa Hutt” -

Ōpuke Pledge

We will go above and beyond to build strong customer loyalty.

We will use natural resources to minimise our footprint.

We will deliver world-class spa treatments that uniquely meld maoritanga and modern methods.

We will grow with our local community in a sustainable way.





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